10 countries that are profitable for investment after Covid-19

If you suddenly have a feeling that life has stopped this year, we are quick to dispel these feelings! New trends are still rapidly replacing old ones. This is noticeable in all areas, including investment.

Of course, the pandemic has left a very noticeable mark on the economy, as is already indisputably evidenced by figures from world statistics. For example, the US Congressional Research Service predicts a 2% decline in global economic growth and 32% in global trade.

At the same time, no one can predict the future in the post-Covid-19 era. In addition, taking advantage of the uncertainty that has arisen, many experts recognize 2020 as the best time to find the perfect place to invest. Based on the results of the CEOWORLD study, we have compiled a list of 10 countries around the world that are most profitable for doing business and investing during this difficult time. The analysis examined the conditions in 80 countries based on key criteria such as corruption, restrictions on freedom of activity, quality of life, taxes, investor protection, technological readiness, infrastructure, and bureaucracy. The island city-state Singapore is at the top of the list. With 86 points out of 100, it has earned the title of the best country for investment and business in 2020.

Great Britain came in second, scoring 84.4 points on the criteria listed.
This may surprise some, but Poland is in the third position with high market potential.

The fourth place is visited by the most popular vacation country for many Americans and Australians, namely, Indonesia. According to experts, it scored 82.9 points.

The fifth in India, with its promising education and research market.
Australia prides itself on being ranked sixth with an overall score of 82.3 and the continent has performed well in all sectors, including education and business.

As a technology hub in Asia, the Philippines has ranked as the seventh-best country for investment after the pandemic.

The eighth-place is occupied by the United States of America. Despite having the highest number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the world, the country is still in the top 10 best countries for business and investment in terms of key comfort and safety criteria. At the same time, of course, it’s worth noting that the analysis was carried out before the crisis point in the pandemic, so you can’t be sure that the situation won’t change, say, in a year.

The fifth Asian country, Malaysia, has entered the top 10 with 81,021 points, which is the best indicator in the institutional structure. And finally, the Czech Republic takes the last place in the CEOWORLD rating. This is attractive to investors and businesses from various points of view, especially due to its geographical location surrounded by influential European neighbors. Together with the CEOWORLD study, an analysis of the best countries for real estate investment was conducted as well. The results were shared by the specialists of Remote Ventures.

Colombia, Montenegro, and Bulgaria are the best countries for investment in housing after the pandemic. Hungary, Chile, Panama, Malaysia, Costa Rica, Latvia, Nicaragua, Uruguay, Malta, Cyprus, Turkey, Ecuador, Belize, Cambodia, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Mexico, Morocco, Dominican Republic, and Barbados are also included in the list.

This study assessed GDP growth indicators, the cost of living, the conditions for obtaining a residence permit / permanent residence and citizenship, the local currency exchange rate, housing prices and the level of profitability, the amount of capital gains and taxes on rent, as well as additional costs for the purchase of real estate and housing legislation. The number of foreign tourists (potential tenants), the growth of tourism, political stability, and the level of legal regulation were also considered in this study.