10 technological trends shaping the next decade

Yes, we are not moving to Mars yet, and we are not yet traveling to work with jetpacks, but there is no doubt that the coming decade will bring many exciting discoveries. Some of them already have a clear path laid out — in today’s selection:
1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: The growing ability of machines to learn and act is fascinating. There is no doubt that this growing trend will completely change the world.
2. Internet of Things (IoT): The number of smart devices connected to the Internet is growing exponentially. These objects constantly collect and transmit data online, which means they further fuel big data collection and the power of artificial intelligence.
3. Portable Devices and «Transhumanism»: What started with fitness trackers has now evolved into an entire industry of wearable technology. Their mission is to help people live healthier, safer, and more efficient lives. In the next 10 years, this trend will turn into an organic fusion of people and technology, creating a «transhuman».
4. Big Data and Advanced Analytics: Big data is the exponential growth of data created in the world. Thanks to it and advanced analytics, we will soon be able to understand and work with extremely complex data flows.
5. Intelligent Spaces: Closely related to IoT, this trend is an indicator that physical spaces, such as houses, offices, and even entire cities are becoming increasingly more connected and intelligent.
6. Blockchains and Distributed Ledgers: This ultra-secure method of storing, authenticating, and protecting data can revolutionize many aspects of the business, especially when it comes to facilitating trusted transactions.
7. Cloud and Edge Computing: Cloud computing, where data is stored on other computer servers and accessed online, has helped open up analytics to the general public. Peripheral computing, in which data is processed on smart devices (such as phones), will take this process to a new level.
8. Augmented Digital Reality: Combining virtual, augmented and mixed reality, this trend underscores the movement towards more immersive digital experiences.
9. Digital Twins: The Digital Twin is a digital copy of a real physical object, product, process, or ecosystem. This is a super innovative technology that will allow us to implement and test the most expensive and risky changes to a real physical object.
10. Voice Interfaces and ChatBots: Alexa, Siri, chatbots — many of us are quite used to communicating with machines, by voicing requests with our voice. In the future, more and more companies will interact with their customers using similar interfaces and intelligent chatbots.
Perhaps after reading this list, some people will feel slight;y disappointed, or maybe someone will be wildly inspired. One way or another, it’s worth recognizing the great pace of technology development today. It mainly depends on our perspective, lifestyle and application of these innovations. Will they all work “for” and not “against” us?”