At the junction of industries: fashion and design

When great creators come together, one of the most striking masterpieces appears. Add to this the merging of two different industries and we get something unique that can go down in history and affect the memory of millions of people.

Today, we’ll talk about the bright cooperation of famous designers with fashion houses.

Sicily Is My Love D&G

One list opens with the collaboration of Dolce & Gabbana and Smeg. Several times this duo has created a series of premium kitchen appliances. Sicily Is My Love in the painting of Sicilian artists. Flowers and juicy sunny fruits bloom on the refrigerators, toasters, juicers, and other appliances. The series was inspired by the natural landscapes of southern Italy and the mesmerizing landscapes of Etna. The companies presented their creations at fascinating art and traditional exhibitions.

Missoni na Via Solferino
Another successful collaboration was achieved by Angela Missoni and artist Alessandra Roved. Together, they created the design of the Missoni boutique on Via Solferino from scratch, literally turning it into a fabulous home. A series of spaces filled with bizarre objects such as clocks, televisions, plants, and sofas, “dressed” in colorful knitted covers with a famous geometric print. Home Sweet Home has become one of the most unusual and spectacular boutiques of the Missoni fashion house.

Jil Sander v Milane

A very unusual outcome of the work of creative directors Lucy, Luke Mayer, and designer Linda Tegg was the botanical installation in the Jil Sander office in Milan. It was inspired by the idea of spontaneity and at the same time the sustainability of human life. Mosses, grass, flowers, and succulents are broken into a single whole, illuminated from above by an elegant lighting design by designer Nick Burnham. This is an interesting interpretation of genesis concerning environmental safety.
Palazzo Versace на Via Gesù (Sweet Home)
A stunningly stylish composition was also created for the Palazzo Versace on Via Gesù by New York designer Sasha Bikoff. The combination of fashion and interior design lies in the item’s piercing neon lighting and a summer mood in Miami. The item is dedicated to Versace Home furniture.

Marni Moon Walk on Viale Umbria 42

Of course, speaking of such legendary duets, it’s impossible to ignore the item of Marni Moon Walk on Viale Umbria 42. It’s an interactive journey through the creative universe of the Marni house with an emphasis on sensory perception. Additionally, it has a path populated by furniture accessories and designer items, in which the brand’s visual unpredictability is palpable. As part of this project, Marni presents a series of original products which was created using unusual materials. Each of them is the result of a community of Colombian artisans working with the brand for many years. Among the main characters of this item, you can find a series of round Formica coffee tables that resemble spaceships, sculptural stools in the form of alien animals made of metal sheets, pillows, and pile carpets with unusual colors, and rocking chairs and sun loungers for sleeping and relaxing. The environment of the item is achieved with dim lighting and space illumination, which are used in traveling around the lunar world.

Hermès La Pelota Barber & Osgerby

And “for dessert” we will tell you about a strange idea for the Hermès exhibition in La Pelota. The space was transformed into a real labyrinth. It was turned into a real maze with low stone walls. Moving along through its corridors, the audience is introduced step by step to the new collection of interior items from Barber & Osgerby. The main purpose of the exhibition is the integration of materials with nature and their versatile transformation in the hands of the artist.

Each joint work of art is priceless in its own way and most importantly, multi-faceted. This is always a deep idea and an open discussion with society. It’s very interesting to observe the thoughts of different brands that open completely new perspectives concerning collaboration while maintaining the already well-known artistry and style.