Trends for a modern bathroom and home spa

We no longer regard the bathroom as an exclusively functional space. Today, it’s a full-fledged room with its aesthetic content and style. It’s a place where we are energized at the beginning of the day or meditatively relax at the end of it. Along with this trend, manufacturers of premium decor and sanitary ware have […]

At the junction of industries: fashion and design

When great creators come together, one of the most striking masterpieces appears. Add to this the merging of two different industries and we get something unique that can go down in history and affect the memory of millions of people. Today, we’ll talk about the bright cooperation of famous designers with fashion houses. One list […]

Tech trends: unique up-market gadgets

We must always keep up with trends in this fast-paced technological era. This creates a strong socio-cultural connection and prevents us falling out of sync with modern life. However, due to the abundance in dozens of niches, some new products may fall out of sight. Today’s review includes three unique and spectacular new items that […]