How to decorate a bedroom using Feng Shui

The bedroom is no longer meant to be a place just to sleep. This is an island of calm that reliably shelters you from the restless world. Restore your strength. Meditate. Balance and center yourself.

The bedroom is a symbol of the world order. This is the most important area of the house in the philosophy of Taoist practice of space exploration. It is better known to the world as Feng Shui. According to the philosophy, any changes in the bedroom space will affect your mood.

With warmth and care, we share the basic Feng Shui rules for any bedroom.

The Bed is the Center of the Room

If you have more space in the room, put the bed correctly.

The headboard of the bed symbolizes stability and support. It should not be a long solid wall, and the other three sides should remain free.

If possible, avoid putting the bed under low beams, bright lighting, or sloped ceilings.

And last but not least, do not place your bed in such a way that you sleep in front of the door.


Storage of Things

Decluttering and minimalistic living are some of the most popular trends, not only in design but also in psychology. Feng Shui in the bedroom supports the rule: “The fewer things under the bed, the easier you sleep.” Even slippers left under your bed can give a signal to the activation of the tired mind.

Therefore, the first thing after placing the bed, think about where things will be stored. Ideally, this should be an isolated dressing room, or hidden storage systems built into the walls.


Gadgets and Electrical Appliances

The decluttering rule also applies to electronic devices. The fewer there are, the more effective relaxation, faster recovery and deeper sleep you have.

You should move TVs, audio systems, game consoles and computers to other rooms, and leave the alarm clock and books in the bedroom.

In general, this was called «digital detoxification». This means conscious relaxation, away from devices and Internet access. Focus on your emotional background.


Furniture Issue

It can be difficult to imagine a bedroom in which the bed is alone. Even if it is according to the rules of Feng Shui.

Most likely, you will want to add decorative and functional elements. How do you place them?

Bedside tables should be strictly symmetrical. This is usually one of the key rules for all Feng Shui zones. Asymmetry has a repulsive effect, which is best avoided.

Cabinets, if possible, should be built into the wall and made as invisible as possible.

Place the armchair by the window to contemplate.


About Decor and Palette

According to the rules, it is important to choose carpets, paintings and other decor in line with the palette and materials. The best of them are those that turn to nature and natural shades.

Works of art are best placed at eye level, so they perform their aesthetic function and fill you with inspiration much more effectively.

Bulky sculptures and installations are best placed outside the sacred relaxation zone and placed in the living room or on the spacious terrace. Miniature figures or elements, that you personally associate with peace and warmth, you should leave in plain sight.


Summing up

All of the above is just a set of rules that you can rely on. This will help make space less congested, which will ultimately affect your mood. If the environment gives you strength, do not act contrary, but transform the rules to suit your unique needs.