How to move to the UAE in 2021: top tips

Home to the tallest building in the world, the world’s largest shopping centre with a huge aquarium, singing and dancing fountains (the most expensive ones in the world), artificial islands, which are called the eighth wonder of the world, The United Arab Emirates attract thousands and thousands of expats from all over the world..

Are you thinking of moving to the UAE? Check out our top moving tips, the pros and cons of living in the country all from experienced expats in the UAE.

How to move to the UAE

If you are moving to the UAE to work and earn money then you will need to obtain an employment agreement with the host organisation. If you are emigrating and looking for a job remotely, then it’s vital you secure a contract from your prospective employer and study it carefully.

In order to fully detail your future monthly expenses when moving to the UAE, ensure your agreement addresses the following clauses:

  • Your monthly salary amount
  • The insurance policy covering you and your family members
  • Ticket price compensation for round-trip tickets from your home country to the UAE annually
  • Details of any paid accommodation
  • Paid transportation services
  • Partial payment for children’s schooling or day-care

The above list are not mandatory terms for employers in the Emirates, so they may not be automatically included in your contract, but they are vital considerations for the costs of emigrating.

If the company does not rent a house for you, you should keep in mind that renting a standard apartment with one bedroom, kitchen and living room in Abu Dhabi or Dubai costs at least 1,000 US dollars per month.

If you decide to move without a signed agreement, you must have at least $5,000 in your account. This should be enough to cover costs for your initial three months. Of course, everything depends on whether you are moving alone or with family, how many people are in your family, how much money you generally spend. If you pay $3,000 for housing for three months, you will have a little more than $600 to cover living expenses per month.

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Moving to the UAE: pros and cons

There are a number of advantages of living in the Emirates.

The main advantage is a well-developed local economy, because the living standard of locals and expats depends on it. The prices for services and everyday goods, such as food, clothing, footwear, transportation and medical services remain relatively stable, as the exchange rate of the local currency has not changed for several years.

A significant advantage for those who want to set up a company here and those who already do business is the state tax policy. Tax charges are mandatory only for organizations that produce oil and gas, as well as for companies in the banking sector. Other businesses do not pay income taxes.

The country invests huge amount of money in health care, allowing doctors to access the latest developments in this field. This is why the UAE health care system is one of the best in the world, with expats being allowed to use many services free of charge. To do this, you need to take out an insurance policy covering the cost of any treatments.

In addition, the UAE is one of the safest countries to live as all streets in the cities are equipped with CCTV cameras that record any offence. In fact the UAE was ranked 21st in the list of safest countries as compiled by the American magazine “Global Finance” 2019.

Are there any disadvantages of living in the country?

The hot weather can be a disadvantage for some who may not be used to such a climate. The sun is hot in the UAE from April to November, morning to evening but some see this as a positive as it means sunbathing and swimming at the beach all year round.

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How foreign pensioners live in the UAE

Both men and women retire here at the age of 60, therefore expats who have turned 60 do not have the right to continue working in the UAE. Therefore if you think that 60 is too early to retire, you can return to your homeland and continue working there or open your own business in the Emirates.

There is no official pension system in the UAE for expatriates. However, they are paid gratuity as employees, a so-called end-of-service pay out. The size of this payout is calculated by multiplying the monthly salary by the period worked. In 2019, the Dubai authorities also introduced a special retirement visa scheme for expatriates. Those who are aged 55 and looking to retire in this sunny country can apply for a five-year retirement visa with an opportunity to renew it should they meet certain requirements.

Moving for permanent residence

You must obtain a visa to legally move to the UAE.

A visa (residence permit) can be applied for on the following basis:

  • Marriage with a citizen of the United Arab Emirates (marriage visa).
  • Studying at a UAE university (student visa).
  • Working in a local company (work visa).
  • Opening your own business (business visa).
  • Property investment – at least 1,000,000 dirhams.

To buy a land plot, a villa, an apartment or a commercial property (a restaurant, bar, café, warehouse, office, etc.), it is better to contact a real estate agency. Experienced agents will help you choose a property for your purposes, draw up a purchase agreement, assess the premises, and so on. They will guide you through all the stages of the transaction.

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How foreigners live in the UAE

There are plenty of expatriates living in this country. Many choose to emigrate because they do not like the climate in their home country with hot summers and cold winters, rain seasons, etc. Another reason why foreigners choose the United Arab Emirates is its affordable luxurious lifestyle with ideal beaches, well-paid jobs and low level of crime.

Today, you can find plenty of reviews on living in the UAE from expats from all over the world.

Living in this great country is a unique experience. Buying a property in the Emirates will allow you to enjoy this experience in full.

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