The best sea cruises for 2021

The world situation dictates its own rules. Many people this summer have had to settle for less and enjoy their vacation in the nearest resorts, if at all! However, this is a great time to engage in exciting planning and dream of amazing holidays that can compensate for everything that was missed in 2020. When it comes to relaxation, what could be better than the prospect of a luxury 6-star cruise? Yes, you heard correctly – 6. Gone are the days when the 5-star experience was so good that it could satisfy all expectations. The new year promises to make vacation so desirable and impressive that it offers an entirely new category that only the most exquisite sea cruises around the world will be awarded. 6-star liners offer a more intimate experience than their five-star counterparts. On board, the vessel can accommodate a maximum of 800 passengers. Cabins start at the deluxe level; each has a balcony or terrace, all-inclusive meals, and personal access to a spa and pool. The atmosphere on a cruise like this is incredibly relaxed and this is evident from the moment you step on deck.

We have collected the top three options of different levels to give you a wide range to choose from!


The best choice for gourmet cruises is Seabourn. There are only 300 passengers on board at a time and impeccable service. There are various exclusive events held for guests – from beach parties to brass band performances. There are stunning luxury spas aboard offering hours of relaxation with massages, facials, aromatherapy, and other treatments included in the price. Seabourn liners deliver passengers to the most remote places in the world – from Asia to Alaska. While doing this, they retain a sense of true exclusivity with highly personalized service.

Regent Seven Seas

Another six-star cruise on this shortlist is the Regent Seven Seas. You will definitely love it if immersing yourself in the culture of navigation is a tempting idea. Along with standard accommodation on the liner, there is a unique Executive Collection service package that provides you an even higher level of exclusivity than other passengers. You can choose your own set of excursions, 5-star hotels on land, as well as food that you personally like. Among the top cruise routes are the famous cities of Europe; Barcelona, Montecarlo, and Stockholm. There are also longer routes for lovers of long-distance travel, like Barcelona-Auckland or Lisbon-Cape Town.


Speaking of the most diverse six-star cruise in terms of options, the Silversea is definitely it. There are over 900 exciting destinations on their list, including a beautiful trip to the Galapagos Islands and South America. Moreover, the ratio of crew and passengers on most cruises is 1: 1, which means almost fully personalized service for each guest. If you travel alone but are not opposed to the idea of being one half of a pair for dinner or dancing – then there is a special option as part of the cruise to select a partner for company and meaningful conversations. However, if your goal is to relax and take a break from everything including communication, then no one will overstep your personal boundaries and the staff will only help strengthen them.


A six-star cruise is a new level of vacation that exceeds expectations and notions of comfort. They have the highest service, personalized attention, and the best facilities to offer full relaxation. In our opinion, each cruise is unique and attractive in its own way. The best way to be convinced of this truth is to embark on a bright journey yourself and pick from this list. A paradise vacation with the opportunity to see the world will captivate you for a long time.