Smartest Devices Smartest Awards 2020

The third annual Smartest awards is The Cleverest Awards 2020. This time, it perfectly adapted to the global situation and awarded the best devices that make life at home easier and more comfortable. Given that many people had to spend more time at home in the new year, it was important for the creators of the award to find innovative and at the same time practical devices that help in everyday life, hobbies, or in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
We invite you to meet the most interesting winners of 2020!
Let`s start with the main thing, comfort. OWL has introduced the space-friendly La Pepino Lounge Chair. Soft velvet, in which you want to drown a little, roller transformers, arranged in different ways, and a spectacular design that is sure to bring its special charm to the interior. It’s priced at $2500.
Another award winner we noticed is Ben Tetro’s Reflected Mirror, which is designed to reflect as much natural light as possible. Los Angeles designer Ben Tetro created an original mirror, mounted on two rotating hinges for greater product flexibility. The wave shape of the product contributes to a better reflection and helps to fill the space with light, making it visually wider and brighter. The cost of the mirror is available on request.
A charming duo was introduced by LANZA Atelier. The round chair and a Single Lady Desk, created by the studio’s architects, send a special burst of energy into the space and to the person who is comfortably sitting behind them. The price of the new product is available on request.
The Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool by Dyson was awarded for an innovative solution in the field of health support. It’s a purifier and humidifier. “Breathe deeply and feel the blow of the wind,” that’s the message the famous brand sends us. Thanks to the latest Dyson wizardry installation, the air is perfectly cleaned, humidified, and even cooled with just one minimalistic device. It’s priced at $799.
Among the winners from the home appliances sector, there were also strange options. For example, AnZa, an improved new-generation espresso machine with a special hand-made concrete exterior. It’s intense and efficient. The cost of the model is $1180.
Sonos offered an interesting design not only for the home but also for the yard or balcony. The SmartMovie speaker is a portable smart speaker that fills your backyard, patio, or roof with amazing sound. It’s weatherproof and an extreme weather-resistant device with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support. The price starts at $399.
Aesthetic grill. Have you ever heard such an expression? Spark Grills has made every effort to win as many hearts as possible where the visual part of its product is concerned. The design consists of clean lines and muted pastel colors, combined with a unique charcoal and wood grill technology, along with fast ignition and temperature control. It’s priced at $799.
We didn’t miss any useful news for pet owners. The cutest Canopy Bed for cats by Cat Person will win the hearts of all owners. The cat can sleep in it near your bed or take shelter from the sun on the terrace or in the yard. The product is priced at $80.
It’s very strange to observe the process of adapting technologies to everyday modern realities. The Cleverest Awards 2020 once again shows us what incredible ability well-known manufacturers must adapt to the needs of customers. If you’ve already tried one of the products from our list, we would appreciate your feedback. And, of course, we will keep you up to date with all the ‘smart’ and wonderful new products that will raise your life to a new level of comfort.