The latest luxury real estate projects for purchasing an apartment in Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is one of the most popular areas in the UAE. It is in demand both among tourists and investors. Real estate agency in Dubai presents the most up-to-date ads for the sale of studios and apartments in Dubai Marina. Moreover, there are various real estate properties on offer to suit one’s every budget.

Advantages of this area

Dubai Marina is just over three kilometers long with the wide pedestrian zone being a landmark of the community. This picturesque coastline offers a comfortable life along with a spectacular view. Also, there are many restaurants and cafés one can visit. What’s more, gorgeous skyscrapers with residential development projects and villas are still the leading type of development here. New real estate projects in Dubai Marina have all the necessary conditions for a comfortable life. Princess Tower is one such project and is the tallest building. Jumeirah Beach Residence Towers are also no less popular. Furthermore, there are 40 of these buildings located in the community.

Dubai Marina has the largest shopping mall. It covers an area of 150,000 sq. m and includes more than 100 shops, a movie theater, and an entertainment center. Schools, kindergartens, hospitals, and other social establishments are all located in the immediate vicinity.

New residential development projects in Dubai Marina

Developers strive to accommodate the preferences of investors. Therefore, you can be sure to find a property that will suit your budget. The most expensive properties are the penthouses on the upper floors. This is then followed by a multi-bedroom apartment. The most affordably priced properties for sale are the studio and one-bedroom apartments. These can be purchased for less than AED 1,000,000. However, it should be noted that on average, the real estate price in this area is quite high. It’s second only to the main areas of the city.

Popular real estate in Dubai Marina

Foreigners can purchase a property wherever they like. The community here is considered a “freehold” zone, which allows one to have a residential property. What’s more, there are about 200 buildings located here. Among the new ones, several residential projects are in demand among foreigners.

Apartments in Studio One

It has 31 floors, two of which are reserved for underground parking. This multi-storey building is located 500m from the sea. What’s more, it’s also near to Sheikh Zayed Road, which links up with all the major city communities. This makes it much easier for one to navigate around the city. Plus, one can to quickly get to any place in Dubai. This project is built from modern materials with the key concept being attention to safety. As such, all of these apartments are equipped with smoke detectors and can easily detect the first signs of fire. Furthermore, residents can easily move between floors with the availability of five high-speed elevators. Additional facilities include:

  • Fitness club.
  • Lounge areas.
  • Separate saunas for men and women.
  • Spa salon.
  • Swimming pool with temperature control.
  • Restaurant.

The size of the apartments and the number of rooms depends on where it’s located on a particular floor.

Apartment in Damac Heights

This towering structure has 84 floors and is situated 300m from the coast. Also, some apartments offer an attractive view of the Persian Gulf, while others have a view of Palm Jumeirah. Moreover, Damac Heights has penthouses, duplexes, as well as, apartments readily available each with a different number of bedrooms. Every apartment is equipped with a smart home control system. Additionally, there is built-in furniture in the bedrooms and the kitchen. Besides, there are household appliances. Additional comfort conditions include:

  • Gyms
  • Saunas.
  • Restaurant.
  • Lounge area.
  • Spa salon.
  • Conference hall.
  • Household services from the property management company.

The external infrastructure includes a playground, a swimming pool, as well as, a barbecue area. A school and a hospital are also located near Damac Heights. The airport is only a few minutes drive away.

Apartments in 1 JBR

This is a residential development project with access to a private beach and sea views. It has everything you need for a comfortable life, including:

  • VIP parking.
  • Spacious terraces.
  • Indoor fitness club.
  • Open areas for sports and walking.
  • Swimming pool.

Furthermore, 1 JBR is under 24-hour security and is only a few minutes drive from the city’s main attractions.

Other relevant offers for investors

The latest and most popular property projects in Dubai Marina among Russians are those that have been put into service in recent years. Among these, there are several residential property projects currently underway.

Sparkle Towers

These are two towers located on the canal coastline. They have are 14 and 29 floors, respectively, and are united by a common podium with social areas and retail outlets. The facades are brilliant and striking in the way they’ve been designed. Due to the built-in lights, it shimmers and looks unique. The sea is also just a two-minute drive from Sparkle Towers. Additionally, the following residential properties are available here:

  • Studio apartments.
  • One-, two-, three-bedroom apartments.
  • Penthouses.

A parking space is included in the purchase price. So you’ll have no issues with parking. The internal infrastructure includes a swimming pool, a sports center, a hammam, as well as a sauna. Moreover, the property management company provides a full range of services which extends from cleaning apartments to 24-hour security.

Marina Terrace

This is a 183m high skyscraper with 38 floors. Also, since Marina Terrace is represented by different apartments, one can purchase from duplexes to penthouses. The following facilities are available to buyers:

  • Well-kept property with landscape design.
  • Tennis court.
  • Fitness center.
  • Spa, swimming pool, and sauna.
  • Playground, lounge, and barbecue areas.

Also, the coast, as well as, a golf course are quite close to the Marina Terrace.

Ocean Heights

This magnificent skyscraper is built 300 m above sea level. It’s 310m high and is one of the tallest skyscrapers in the UAE. Also, the developed transport infrastructure allows you to easily get to any place in the city, as this multi-storey building is conveniently located next to the main highway and two subway stations. What’s more, different apartments are readily available. So feel free to bring along your luxury furniture. Some of the benefits of living at Ocean Heights include:

  • Greenary area.
  • Swimming pools for adults and children.
  • Spa center.
  • Fitness club.
  • Jacuzzi and sauna.
  • Playgrounds.
  • Household services.

There is also a concierge and 24-hour video surveillance.

Profitability of real estate investment in Dubai Marina

Real estate in the largest city of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, is in high demand. Also, since the vacation season lasts all year round, there’s always a steady influx of tourists. This coupled along with the free economic zones, means business is actively developing in the city. Following this then, it should come as no surprise that almost 80% of the population are expats. However, not everyone is ready to purchase a property. Most people prefer to rent. Therefore, it’s more profitable to invest in real estate. Below are two of the main reasons why it’s worth investing in real estate in the Dubai Marina:

  • High ROI – If the ROI does not exceed 2-3% per annum in large cities of the USA and Europe, then this is an indicator that studios and apartments in the UAE will be 5% per annum.
  • Price increase – The property prices are steadily growing, so this, in turn, allows one to sell an apartment (if you want) without financial losses.

Choose an apartment in Dubai Marina

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