Tech trends: unique up-market gadgets

We must always keep up with trends in this fast-paced technological era. This creates a strong socio-cultural connection and prevents us falling out of sync with modern life. However, due to the abundance in dozens of niches, some new products may fall out of sight. Today’s review includes three unique and spectacular new items that deserve attention.

In the wake of popularity and thirst for a comfortable life, Segway showed the world its unusual novelty.

S-Pod is a self-balancing chair that is controlled by a joystick rather than a body, allowing you to walk as relaxed and as focused on the world around you as possible. S-Pod is equipped with advanced intelligent safety features such as auto-braking and external lights, and it is designed in a futuristic style that will undoubtedly draw attention from onlookers. The prices of the new items have not been disclosed.

Among the eco-friendly gadgets, the novelty from Hydraloop has become very interesting. With a water recirculator that filters and purifies water from bathtubs, showers or washing machines, its abilities are impressive – it can recycle up to 85% of the water resource used in the house. This makes it an excellent solution for water conservation and environmental protection. The price of a single device starts at 4,000 dollars.

And finally, we have saved for you not just a gadget, but also an impressive novelty in 2020. The BMW i3 Urban Suite is an electric vehicle concept with an enhanced comfort cabin for a single passenger. The project was based on the standard electric city car BMW i3. Its content has been completely updated: instead of the front passenger seat, a soft footrest has been installed, and the seat itself has been relocated to the rear right of the passenger compartment. A comfortable table is to the left of the chair. The passenger will have a personal screen and an isolated sound zone in addition to a comfortable seat, stand, and table.

And, of course, this novelty from our review deserves the highest rating for appearance. In the interior design, first-rate materials such as wood and leather, as well as recycled materials, are used.