UAE news

The blueprint for the 10-year National Strategy for the Cultural and Creative Industries unveiled by the Ministry of Culture and Youth.


It includes:

  • Increase in the contribution of 2 industries to the country’s gross domestic product to 5% by 2031
  • Double increase in the number of establishments, increase the volume of exports of products and services, etc.


This Strategy is the first in the Arab world. It aims to encourage more youth participation and create more jobs.

The plan of $13.6 billion UAE Rail Program has been unveiled.


Key projects:

  • Freight rail with Etihad Rail freight services

Connects the cities from Ghuwaifat and Fujairah, has been operating since 2016

  •  Rail passenger services

Connect 11 cities at a speed of 200 km/h:

Abu Dhabi → Dubai – 50 min
Abu Dhabi → Fujairah – 100 min

  • Integrated transportation service with an innovation centre to integrate smart transportation and logistics solutions

Sources: The National News, Arabian Business