Why are there so many luxury cars in Dubai?

Life is too short to spend it driving a boring car. Cars are more than just vehicles that take you from point A to point B. They convey a great deal about your lifestyle. While driving a Porsche, Maserati, or Jaguar may seem like a distant dream to some, driving one in Dubai is much easier than you might think.
Life in the UAE itself is very accommodating to luxury cars. Whether it is a good, tax-free salary of a qualified specialist or well-maintained roads. According to Hicham Younis, a communications manager at an automotive company in Dubai, driving in the UAE is an enjoyable activity. “The majority of people here, not just the one per cent, but most people, enjoy a better standard of living than the rest of the world,” Hicham told Gulf News. “This high standard of living allows you to buy pricey things. Another contributing factor is that the UAE also has well-regulated and safe roads. The government spends a lot of money to make sure that the streets are well lit and well maintained. There are no potholes on the highways or bumpy unkempt roads. It’s a great place to drive, so why not get yourself something nice, something that you will really enjoy?”
Even the UAE government uses luxury cars. Dubai Police, for example, has amassed a high-horsepower arsenal of luxury sports cars and SUVs over the years to complement their fleet of green-and-white patrol cruisers. The high-end squad cars are ingrained in the local way of life. When the Dubai Police Department introduced the Bugatti Veyron, the Ferrari FF or the Lamborghini Aventador as their police cars, it elevated the department’s image to a new level.